Member benefits

Being a member means a brighter future for all

At G&F Financial Group, we care. It is our priority to ensure that members gain the financial clarity and direction they need to achieve their financial goals and achieve life beyond banking. We focus on providing expert advice personalized for each member; sharing the knowledge needed to make informed decisions.

Financial advice specific to your needs Expand/Collapse

  • Take charge of your future with a custom Smart Money Plan
  • Free financial seminars held at our branches and in the community

Fee-free banking Expand/Collapse

  • Get fee-free banking with select GO&GROW personal and business banking account plans
  • Young adults aged 19-24 get fee-free banking with our GO Getter plan
  • Non-profit groups get fee-free banking with our GO Community plan

Competitive rates and performance Expand/Collapse

  • Receive competitive loan and deposit interest rates, with little to no restrictions
  • Experience more freedom with flexible repayment terms, a double-up payment option and more

Fast decisions and delivery Expand/Collapse

  • We're 100% local and can keep approval wait times short (most mortgages are approved within 24 hours!)
  • We respond quickly to loan and mortage approvals, new account openings and product inquirires

Anytime convenience and accessibility Expand/Collapse

  • Get access to financial advice when you book an appointment when and where it makes sense for you, with a mobile financial expert
  • Connect with experts via LiveChat instant messaging or our phone based Member Hub
  • Get unlimited access to mobile, phone and online banking
  • Conveniently and securely pay with a tap of your Interac Flash enabled G&F MemberCard
  • Deposit a cheque by taking a photo with your smartphone using Deposit Anywhere

Peace of mind with 100% guaranteed deposits Expand/Collapse

  • All deposits are 100% guaranteed by the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (CUDIC)

Flexibility Expand/Collapse

  • Are you self-employed or a new immigrant without a financial history in Canada? We have the time and ability to customize our solutions so they fit your needs

Have your voice heard Expand/Collapse

  • As a member of our credit union, you own a part of G&F Financial Group! This means that you're entitled to vote on policies, elect board members, and voice your opinions on how the organization is run at our Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Ready to become a member?

Enjoy the benefits of G&F Financial Group by becoming a member of our community credit union. Joining is easy - visit a branch to open a Membership Equity Shares Account and get started!

Have questions? Call, book an appointment or LiveChat with us.